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Bill Binkelman, Music Reviewer

Sacred Place ~ Silver Wave Records

Native American flutist Mary Youngblood chose 15 tracks from her first five CDs for Sacred Place, a fantastic collection of contemplative and peaceful songs from her discography. Youngblood creates a special kind of Native American flute music, staying true to the heritage of the instrument, but adding many contemporary wrinkles—her appeal easily crosses over into both the New Age and adult contemporary circles. Assisted by solid guest artists (notably, guitarist/bassist Tom Wasinger), Youngblood gently glides and softly lilts through musical landscapes filled with beauty and warmth. Every song is a winner: the rhythmic “Wind Whispers,” the folk music-like “Misty Rain,” songs that hew closely to traditional Native music, such as “Silent Wolf” and “Above the Mother Earth” or even the swaying folk/blues of “Dreams to Find.”


Bill Binkelman

New Age Retailer